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Tender Touch


122 Dynon Rd West Melbourne VIC 3003


Tender Touch is a brothel in Melbourne, Victoria situated in West. For everything you need to know about brothels in West, BMB  is the ultimate online guide about Melbourne brothels for punters in VIC. Read what others have to say about Tender Touch and even leave your own review about Tender Touch below.

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7 Responses

  1. SlipperySnake

    Tender touch is now under new management all asian unlike yeaars before mixed mostly 90% korean girls on my few trips there BBBJ nice and long time even for a 30minute stay. Fav to book is Julie was very trim body great boobs #real# some girls will kiss for extra others no need to pay extra! rate highly except easy to be seen entering and leaving for the punters wanting to hide!

    June 15, 2011 at 9:04 am

    • coooker

      Visited at a Tue lunch time couple weeks ago. Very brief introduction and 3 girls only. Bad experience totally. Firstly sent the wrong girl in the room. Lucky I haven’t stripped off. Went down and told the reception to correct her mistake. Finally Korean girl Haha rocked up. Poor service, not even allow u to kiss her titties. Only one thing I prefer is bbbj. Maybe not everyone likes that. Room is all right. But I don’t think I will go back even it is cheap.

      July 27, 2011 at 5:19 am

  2. Oddjobber

    I found myself deep in Kensington at around 4 pm on Saturday, with an itch in my nether region and the minds eye focused on pussy. It was inevitable that my car found itself steering up the driveway of Tender Touch (I just hate it when it does that!).

    There were a surprising number of cars in the rear car park, but my fear of there being too many punters and not enough working ladies was soon dispersed, as I later found out I, along with another punter were the only clients in the place.

    I knew from the grape vine the WL’s at TT were going to be of the Asian variety, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    The rather grumpy, 50 something mammasan led me to a corner intro area, then came the bevy of bikini clad beauties (6 in total), well to be honest, some weren’t over endowed in the ‘beauty’ department. A wide variety of names and nationalities were on offer. Chloe was Japanese, had caked on the make up and seemed to have a problem with her fake eyelashes because she couldn’t stop blinking, Coral was Thai, a Chinese girl who’s name I couldn’t understand along with a Laotian, a Cambodian pocket rocket that went by the name of “Pink”, so no prizes in guessing what colour her bikini was. While the selection was lip smacking good, I decided on a Korean lovely called ‘Amanda”, 1 of only 2 WL’s that wasn’t in a bikini, but rather the standard black & red lingerie, which must be included in the WL’s recruitment kit, but nice none the less.

    In bare feet Amanda is around 5’ if not shorter, around 30ish and spoke in reasonable English. She had long dark hair, and sported a mightily impressive pair of D cup fun bags, that just bounced up at me and said “Hi big boy” during the intro.

    Once I’d made my selection, it was back to grumpy bum mammasan who took my $120 for the 30 min sessions and just pointed to the stairs, “up stair, turn right, number 4”.

    Up the stairs I climbed, disrobing as I went. My strategy was simple. The grape vine told me there was a fair to good chance I’d get 2 things in my stay here;

    1 – sharing a shower with my chosen WL and,
    2 – a BBBJ.

    I’ll get to both shortly.

    In room 4 it took me all of about 45 seconds to be bare arsed and in the shower. Amanda followed shortly and started fussing with the floor towels and getting her kit bag in order. I deliberately took my time in the shower, and before too long the door opened and in stepped Amanda. This time I was getting a real good look at her, and I was still happy with my choice. Magnificent tits, great arse, silky smooth skin, yum,yum,yum !

    Amanda started on my cock, and pretty much stayed there for the entire time in the shower, apart from the odd foray into my arse crack and balls. Mighty horny stuff and it wasn’t long before I was as hard as granite. It goes without saying she did a fantastic job and while I reciprocated with a great tit wash, I found she was just too short, and there was nowhere near enough room in the cubicle for me to give her pussy a good working over, a pussy I declare was hairy, but well trimmed. Unfortunate as I prefer a clean shaved honey pot rather than a velcro curtain.

    Out of the shower then onto the bed. She followed quickly and started with a DFK while wriggling and squirming, she worked her way down to eventually taking hold of junior and commenced the ball licking. Fantastically talented tongue on this girl, and enough can’t be said about what a skill it is to lick balls and stroke in perfect rhythm.

    Then it came, no not me, but her mouth open wide and took my entire cock straight into her mouth. I thought I was going to blow the back of her head off when she did that! Thankfully I kept my cool and just watched her devour my meat, again stroking in perfect rhythm.

    The BBBJ went on for about another 5 minutes or so. Plenty of attention to my knob, the occasional tongue up & down my shaft and some more ball licking thrown into the mix. When she started climbing back up, I saw her reach for her bag of goodies and stopped her in her tracks. “Me wannee lickee your pussy” I said, and with a smile and a glint in her eye she dropped the bag and spread eagles on her back. My turn for some more DFK and tit sucking, working my way down to her loveliness and after just a few short licks, she was climbing the ceiling. At first I thought it was an exaggerated put up, but the more I went, the more I was convinced it was genuine. I’m thinking Korean guys don’t much go for DATY, pity really, they don’t know what they’re missing.

    I licked and slurped and munched on her for what seemed like an eternity. She helped as well with her feet on my shoulders and arching her back as if she were forcing herself onto my tongue. By this time she was plenty wet, but using the little man in the boat as a speed ball, her breath quickened, then with a squeal and a thrashing of her arms as she orgasmed, well at least she appeared to.

    I climbed back up, stopping again to get a handful of tit, while she caught her breath. On went the tent (pity she hasn’t learnt that trick of putting it on with her mouth) and we got into it. Doggy at first, which was good because I got a really good look at her arse, and a fine arse it was too. I pumped away for a bit longer when we changed to cowgirl, I fucked her for a bit longer while she lay on her side, straddling her leg, a little manoeuvre I like to call ‘side saddle’. She seemed to be new to this as I had to put her in the right position, but she caught on quick and seemed to like this the best.

    Eventually I could feel the heat in my balls get to boiling point and I started pumping harder and faster. For some reason Amanda wanted to revert to missionary and I wasn’t about to argue. Pumping like a steam engine, I whispered to her I was gonna blow when she lifted herself off me, then quick as a flash off came the tent and I proceeded in shooting the entire contents of my sack all over her D cup tits !

    I was amazed that this even happened, and glowed how she used my cock to spread my jizz all over her tits. She didn’t get a finger full to taste, but hey, the move made me feel like it was a porn film.
    I laid back spent while Amanda played with my cock a little more. Pretty soon it was time to shower and depart. Not getting so much as a goodbye from that crusty mammasan.

    So gents,

    October 9, 2011 at 10:12 am

  3. Oddjobber

    I had a raging hard on at around 4 pm yesterday, so decided to take a punt (literally) and headed to Tender Touch for hopefully a session with a Korean pocket rocket called Amanda.

    I wasn’t sure if she was working, so I was going in blind, but luckily she was, and was available, so $120 for 30 mins later and I was in room 2 off with with my kit and into the shower. Room 2 is far better than the other, especially the shower because it’s nice and big and easily fits 2 people, and Amanda normally jumps into the shower and give my cock a good scrub.

    Here where the session went a little downhill. First, Amanda took her time getting to the room, and when she did get there, was not interested showering together.

    I still got my BBBJ and still fucked in a variety of positions, but she was definately off her game and now I’m thinking I may try elsewhere next time.

    All in all 7/10 service.

    February 19, 2012 at 12:04 am

  4. Oddjobber

    Hello fellow punters,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up. I went past Tender Touch the other day to find it closed as tight as a drum.
    A few discreet enquiries later and I found out this place and a few others got raided by the Feds over sexual servitude, as in exploiting young asian girls to come over here and become working girls.
    It may explain why some of the girls were less than enthusiastic.
    It’s also terrible that some people will do this sort of thing.
    They should rot in jail.

    July 11, 2013 at 1:31 am

  5. Oddjobber

    Stay away. This place has become a poor quality, poor service shithole.
    Went downhill ever since they got raided.
    Save your money, go elsewhere.

    May 31, 2014 at 11:47 pm

  6. David

    I had a nice poem lined up for this establishment, but after the above reviews, I have had to re-change my plans and insert another poem instead.
    She refused to buckle
    She didn’t give in
    Her mind was active
    She was determined to win!
    The dull exploiters kept coming
    She refused to budge
    They were exploitative dull bastards of course
    They were trapped in the mud.
    But in the end, it was all too much.
    She had to run, to escape the sludge!

    December 14, 2014 at 12:29 pm

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