Backpage Alternatives for Melbourne Escorts

Back in 2018, a long-running site, Backpage, was shut down by the authorities. Backpage allowed people to post ads including escort ads. It was a wild west. Buyer beware. Scams and fakes abound. But on the other hand, it meant that new escorts had a chance at being discovered. People used this 1990s-style minimalist site to navigate through the changing world of prostitution from the early 2000s to the site’s death. is a new site for Melbourne escorts that is the real genuine Backpage alternative. The truth is, a site of this form may use premade scripts, but this site is hand-coded from scratch, lovingly, by a lone developer.

The guy who ran Backpage was a pretty cool guy. But he was sent to prison. So who will carry the torch of internet freedom? That’s why it matters that your classified ad site is actually ran by someone with a valid moral compass such as the good fellow who runs that site. The true internet freedom fighters will prevail. The owner says that sex work is a type of internet freedom category which Australians can participate in.

The future will bring all sorts of alternatives to the old site. Who knows.

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