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Welcome to Best Melbourne Brothels your guide to the finest brothels, massage parlours, whorehouses, bordellos, cathouses, call-houses, house of ill repute ….. whatever you want to call it, in all of Melbourne. There certainly is no shortage of venues to choose from, but separating the quality from the shite aint always easy. So we are here to make life easy for you by listing and comparing the finest brothels and massage parlors around town.

Dont be shy, well you are not shy if you have ever been to one of these establishments, maybe you are a seasoned pro or maybe a brothel virgin?? Well, whatever the case may be we can accommodate by listing and reviewing where your next port of call should be. We encourage you, the punter to shop around, just like buying a new fishing rod or BBQ or test driving a new car you want to see what sort of bang you can get for your buck. You dont want to buy the first thing you see of the shelf. Punters are discerning and so well they should be.

Stay tuned for further updates and information which will be posted regularly along with new brothels and massage parlors.

Melbourne Escorts & Massage Parlours in VIC

Escorts cater for many different needs and occasions. Some seek the needs of a professional escort for their tender touch and wicked ways, and some seek escorts for more of a professional approach such as business needs. Melbourne has some of the most incredible escorts and is well regarded across Australia and internationally for its high class escorts and escort agencies.

Image and appearances are everything in todays fast paced high flying business world. Attending social events, parties or business dinners on your lonesome makes you look like well, abit of a loser. Attending these events with a stunning woman will boost your image and reputation immensely. Business men have been using the services of professional escorts for decades. Escorts know perfectly how to fit in at a party and make you look like a wild hot stud.

Hiring an escort whether its for a few hours or for a night is something highly recommended if you have ever thought about it. Its certainly not an experience one will forget, that is as long as you choose wisely and indulge in a quality escort that knows perfectly how to satisfy a mans needs.

Imagine indulging in the services of a high class escort in Melbourne whose every whim is catered towards pleasuring you in whichever manner you seek. Their profession is to entertain and explore your fantasies. Its what dreams are made of. Most men only dream of spending a few hours with a woman who is drop dead gorgeous and not shy in showing what she does best. Blonde, brunette, asian, european, slim or voluptuous the City of Melbs and the state of Vic have what you desire.

Whether you are from Melbourne or in town traveling on a holiday or for business, spend a night in that you will never forget with a beautiful escort. Melbourne has a wealth of sexy escorts waiting for your call.

Asian, Blonde, Brunette, Black, Latin, European Girls – Victoria has it all !

We all have our favourites, personally mine change as much as the Melbourne weather, and for those who are familiar with Melbourne thats pretty bloody often. Ive got a good ol soft spot for blondes, brunettes, redheads, you name it I dont mind it. When it comes to nationalities my personal favourite by a mile at the moment is Asian ladies particularly Thai Girls with Japanese girls a close second. Which is strange because I never used to have an interest in Asian Girls, not the slightest. Funny how tastes change with age, also a trip to South East Asia can quickly change your preferences. There is nothing like a cute asian girl with a tight little bod who knows how to work it and is a dirty little nymph. Thailand in particular is full of them. One only has to walk down any walking st and both your heads get sore from all that talent waiting for some good ol Aussie schlong.

Luckily, Melbourne brothels and massage parlours are full of stunning girls of every colour and nationality eager to please. So you dont even have to travel overseas to taste some authentic international pootang.  Some will walk into a brothel and know straight away what they are after, blonde hair big boobs, sporty brunette with a perky rack, white skinned asian nymph, black goddess with big booty, the choices are long and many. Melbourne being such a mulitcultural city you can get your fix any way you like it. Just like the choice of restaurants and cuisines of every nationality imaginable you too can walk into a Collingwood brothel or South Melbourne massage parlour and have some yum cha or furburger with mayo. It never gets boring!! Personally I get bored eating the same cuisine just as I do rooting the same women, so mens parlours come in very handy for a hassle free no strings attached quickie from a young lass who knows how to please.

Without question Melbourne has some of the most gorgeous, sexy and seductive girls from all over the world waiting to pleasure you.

Best Melbourne Brothels would love to hear from you and what your own personal preference is, so drop a line before you drop a load and tell us which kind of girls you prefer.

Melbourne: The Home Of Pleasure

Melbourne is well known and recognized. not only locally amongst Victorians, but all across Australia and even internationally for its vibrant, colourful and abundant adult brothel and massage parlour scene. The choices are wide and varied and never boring. Many Melbournians themselves are unaware of what really goes in behind closed doors in many of the establishments practising the worlds oldest professions. Many brothels in Melbourne  are discreet and unassuming in their appearance, you probably have driven past one every day on your way to work and never had a clue of what that 1920′s Victorian era double story building is all about. Its not just in town and close to the city that you have to travel too anymore for a good time, as the city has grown exponentially and spread outwards in every direction so too has the brothels and massage parlours catering to the needs of men.

The choice of venue for males is truly mind blowing. Every establishment differs in terms of not only the obvious such as price, appearance, services and girls, but also what is accepted and what is not. Etiquette is extremely important as assumption as to what might have been ok at another place you were at last week without asking first, can lead you into trouble very quickly. So always have manners and ask first. Some places cater to the average Joe Blow hard working Aussie male, some cater towards the upper exclusive end of the market with prices to reflect. Its always good to do a bit of research whether you are a first time punter or a seasoned veteran looking for a new haunt. It can save you a great deal of time by going online and seeing what others have experienced before you.

The locally produced Australian TV show ‘Underbelly’ exposed a side of Melbourne to many Victorians and Australians that many had never seen. Whilst its fair to say just like any business or industry there is always a seedier side, but some like that, just like some like the more clean cut approach. Its all about whatever floats your boat. And its not just men that many of these brothels cater too, many offer services for women and couples. Its not just about men. Many couples are adventurous and want to experiment with their sex life. A married couple who have spent the last 10 years together or even just a few for that matter can get bored with each other very quickly. Spending a little bit of time involved in a quick rendezvous with an expert who knows just who to titillate and spice things up can be a real thrill and can mean a new lease on life for many relationships rather than an ugly divorce.

Women who just like women are catered for, along with women who like men, gays, transvestites, absolutely no one is exempt in their sexual urges and desires. Many brothels offer special services depending on your needs. A large number of male clients do not just use brothels and massage parlours but quite often it is relaxation or therapy that the male requires and there is often no better way or alternative then pleasure. If it pleasure you desire then thank your lucky stars you live in Melbourne because the quality of its brothels and massage parlours is second to none, just explore it for yourself. If you dont live in Melbourne, dont despair you can always move here or visit, what are you waiting for?? and experience the magic for yourself. Best Melbourne Brothels is your home for all things brothels, massage parlours, escorts, rub and tugs and prostitutes in Melbourne and Victoria.

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